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Commercial Roof
New Flat Roof Installations
Milton Keynes

Here at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions, we have several new projects in the pipeline. This includes work in supplying the quality roofing for a new Lidl shopping centre in Milton Keynes. With 50 square metres of 2mm single ply Sika Trocal, this job will take up to a day to complete.

In line with the quality standard of roofing solutions we offer, the Sika Trocal Loading Bay roof will come with a guaranteed life-span of 20 years, and a BBA lifespan of 35 years. The job itself will consist of 120 millimetres of Innofix Insulation being fully fixed down into concrete substrate with thermal breaking fasteners. This will be followed by the application of Sika Trocal field waterproofing membrane on the field area and upstands, offering the roof a long-lasting, professional protection.

Due to the great speed and dedication of our workers, this job should only take one day to complete, leaving the roof of the new Milton Keynes Lidl finished to an exceptional standard in no time. Soon we will all be able to go shopping at the new Lidl without the fear of a leaky roof!