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Case Study

Stockwood Park Academy

Commercial Roof
New Roof Installation

The School Report is in, and Sika Systems has been moved to the top of the class! A great project has come to an end with glowing praise all round. The Stockwood Park Academy in Luton has had the new roof for their two-storey building fully completed, to an A* Standard.

Guaranteed Roofing Solutions were tasked with installing the building’s watertight roof, and we performed the task with our trademark high-quality and attention to detail.

The roof of a school is, as we all know, exceptionally important. A well-fitted roof is essential to the safety and comfort of the students and staff working under it. It must be protected against the long-term effects of water and damp ingress. This is why Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ System was chosen, since it offers exceptional durability as well as flexibility.

Approximately 750m2 of the Type ‘S’ system was needed to cover the building, utilising Sika-Trocal’s unique laminated metal discs to fit the homogenous, sinlge-ply, mechanically fastened membrane to the building’s decking.

The waterproofing system was augmented by Sika-Trocal INNOfix, a high performance, foil-faced tapered insulation, and Sika’s S-Vap 500E provided the non-decaying, unsupported vapour control layer.

With roof installation work taking place in winter, the new building needed to be weathertight as quickly as possible in order to protect the structure’s interior elements.

Thanks to the ease with which the Type ‘S’ membrane is able to accommodate roofing details varying in complexity, the application was completed within the required timeframe.

Ben Kipley, Director at Guaranteed Roofing Solutions, said:

“The Type ‘S’ system’s flexibility was crucial to us meeting the required deadline and making the building weather tight in the shortest possible time. As well as being a great performer, it really is a fantastic system to work with.”

Although the project only began in October 2018, the Stockwood Park Academy roof was fully completed in January 2019. With the system’s performance carrying a 20-year guarantee, it means the school has not only been supplied with a superbly-smart, watertight roof, it is one which will last long into the future. Both the client and incoming students have peace of mind, making this another excellent job by the Guaranteed Roofing Solutions team.