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Felt & Asphalt Overlays

The most common type of flat roof

Easily our most common enquiry these days is Garage Roofing or small Flat Roof works. These jobs are classed by us as small works because the duration of works is usually under one day and at a cost of no more than £3k.

We can replace your roof if the timber beams are in bad shape but the simplest and cheapest way to make these buildings waterproof is to simply go over what’s already there.

Our material can simply be applied to the existing waterproofing that’s in place in most cases, this cuts down on costs significantly and will not affect the guarantees that are giving after the works are completed.

This will work on almost all Felt and Asphalt overlays which is the most common type of Flat Roof we come across.

Before any works are carried out your Roof will undergo a Survey by the GRS Design and management team to assess any damage that may have been caused by water ingress and to make sure the substrate is in good order.

On surfaces where it would be unacceptable to overlay, such as roofs where old felt and chippings have been used we simply put down a recovery board to level the roof and give us a new clean surface to work with. The recovery boards we use could either be an OSB Ply board (18mm Thick) or an insulation board (25mm Thick).

It would also be unacceptable to overlay any roof we believe may have internal damage, such as rotten joists or a damaged deck. These roofs would need repairing before any new waterproofing could be carried out.

For any Asbestos Roofs, these do require a full strip and removal and a new roof constructed in its place. We have the experience, knowledge and training to remove these sheets by legal means and provide all the necessary removal notices for your records. We then start from scratch and build a fully supported roof deck using 2x4 Timbers and 18mm OSB. Once that’s completed we simply waterproof the roof and carry out any additional works such as guttering or facia’s that may be required before having the roof signed off and a guarantee issued.

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